Meet Carine Schneider at GEO 19th Annual Conference 2018

Meet Carine Schneider at GEO 19th Annual Conference 2018


Most people visit the doctor or dentist once a year to ensure their medical fitness and avoid festering problems. Cars need a regular oil change and service. Why don’t we do that with our equity plans?

At GEO 19th Annual Conference 2018, Nua Group Partner Carine Schneider, together Jessica Vinsand, Total Rewards Expert at SAP, and Phil Ainsley, Managing Director of Employee Services at Equiniti, will host a session "Is it Time for Your Annual Equity Tune-up?" on Wednesday, April 25.

In advance of the GEO session, Carine has shared her thoughts on the importance of regular reviews of equity plans. 


What’s the biggest risk of not reviewing equity plans on a regular basis?

Carine Schneider: Many companies don’t add up the significant cost of a stock plan: there is dilution expense, book expense as well as administrative and legal costs. Operating a plan that isn’t performing as initially designed is like driving a car with a deflated tire. It’s easy to make some fixes that will give you the best out of the significant costs involved while allowing you to reach your destination (aka, plan goals).

What’s the biggest challenge that equity professionals face in the process of reviewing their equity plans?

Carine Schneider: There are two main issues.

  • Where do I find the data? There are a number of providers and departments who have a portion of the data that is required to review. Understanding who has "what" and "where" to find it may be challenging for some companies.

  • Where do I find the time? Undertaking a project like this requires a time commitment. The data can quickly become stale and one must be comfortable working with numbers and statistical analysis.

Who should attend your session at GEO 19th Annual Conference?

Carine Schneider: The presentation is designed to encourage senior professionals to think about the process and discipline to review the plans at their company. By providing stock plan professionals with the issues to review, the possible questions to ask and to understand the data set required, we can help these companies begin the process to understand the effectiveness of their plans today and in the future.


Meet Carine and other equity experts at session 5.3 - Is it Time for Your Annual Equity Tune-up? - on Wednesday, April 25th at 2:15pm to continue the discussion. Click here for session details.