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Responding to COVID-19

As the world has rapidly changed in the past months, how are we helping our clients deal with this new reality? Now more than ever, it is important to build a sustainable and engaged workforce.


Responding to our clients’ needs, we are adapting our service areas to help companies navigate the impact of COVID-19. And we continue to be guided by our north star: we work with companies where people matter.

Total rewards support

Developing sustainable rewards programs

Sustainability of rewards programs is more important than ever. More than simply cutting costs, we are working with clients to ensure rewards programs are affordable, “defensible”, and sustainable through any macro-economic environment.  

We will work with you to future-proof your rewards models to retain employees and build a sustainable cost structure.

Evaluating long-term impact of benefit programs' changes

You have likely made some temporary changes to your benefits during this crisis. Will you adopt any of these changes permanently? Were any gaps in your benefit programs identified that need to be addressed going forward?


We will perform a comprehensive audit of your current programs in a timely manner, matching them against newly emerging employee needs.

Financial review of benefits

COVID-19 is expected to have a material impact on health plan costs for 2020 and future years. We will work with you to build a sustainable benefits strategy and manage your cost structure. This includes how benefits are funded and repurposing investments that are not contributing to employee experience.


We can model your current cost structure and identify specific areas to optimize that spend for the future.



Embracing Digital Health

We’ve seen a spike in utilization among telemedicine providers and observed traditional brick-and-mortar providers quickly ramp up video visit capabilities. Going forward, consumers will expect to have the flexibility to access care in different settings depending on the need. Do you have the right vendors and plan terms in place to support these new expectations?


We will help you assess the crowded landscape of approaches to delivering telehealth, and optimize the solution that best meets your specific needs.


Talent management support


Building an authentic employee 


COVID-19 has had a seismic impact on employees and their families. Employees’ fundamental values may have changed and there is a greater demand for an employee experience that reflects these changes. We will review both the strategy and tactics used to communicate with employees and meet their needs.  


We will help you develop and implement an authentic employee experience strategy.



Embedded staffing and support

We recognize that this is an extraordinarily busy time for many companies’ HR departments. And we know that many HR departments are stretched and often have reduced resources. To help you address this challenge, Nua Group’s highly qualified team with deep expertise will quickly and effectively integrate with your teams to support program implementation and management. 


In this time where your team may not be able to operate at full capacity, or there is simply an increase in addressing priority tasks, we can jump in and help out.


Sustainable people management through job leveling

The foundation of people management is having an effective and consistent approach to measuring the value of jobs across an organization. In our experience, companies without a formal leveling approach deal with additional labor costs of 2% or more of payroll, higher turnover, and unsustainable promotion rates.  


We will review your approach to job leveling and develop a structure that will be objective and meet business needs, while managing labor costs.

Tackling performance management

To address both employees’ anxiety about their own productivity and performance and your concerns about the work efficiency in the times of uncertainty and remote work, it is critical to develop an effective way to tackle performance management. It helps ensure you are being clear about company goals and provide an objective way of fairly managing employees’ work, addressing their needs for growth, as well as responding to their concerns.  


We can assist you develop a simple yet effective approach to performance management, communicating organizational and individual goals and expectations.


Organizational support


Nurturing a flexible workforce

A whole company approach is needed to provide people at all levels with the flexibility and support to do their jobs and manage other responsibilities in the shifting work conditions. 


We can help you to think through and implement alternative work arrangements that can ensure that your employees are engaged, productive, and healthy.


Adjusting your HR Operations model

Whether you are dealing with the challenges of scaling the business down or looking for ways to optimize remote and flexible work for the best performance, the future of work is truly here. How you execute on that future is key to succeeding as a company. There will be many calls to re-evaluate the operations and infrastructure and deliver on a lower cost structure, as well as add more technology tools, and consider new HR service delivery models.


We provide an unbiased external perspective to help you set an operations strategy to meet future needs, with the right cost structure for your organization.


Rethinking your global footprint

In this new world post COVID-19, it is more important than ever for companies to think carefully about their global presence and cost structure to ensure the optimal footprint that produces the right ROI to sustain or get back to growth. 


We support HR leaders in re-evaluating and optimizing location strategy and dealing with the implementation of changes to that investment globally and what the people impact of that re-evaluation is going to be.

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