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Employee benefits

We help our clients develop and manage a sustainable employee benefits strategy that meets their organization’s needs and creates an engaging and positive employee experience.

Using an independent, data-driven approach with a focus on simplicity, we assist companies with both US and international benefits programs; including health and welfare, wellbeing, time-off and leave, lifestyle, and retirement.

Health and welfare program strategy and management

We do not simply negotiate with health and welfare providers on our clients' behalf. Instead, we work with our clients to develop health and welfare strategies that are in line with their business objectives. We apply our strategic approach to develop and deliver solutions that make a positive impact on the most important asset of each organization - its people.


We provide ongoing brokerage support to help execute on benefit plan strategies and assist with ongoing vendor management, as well as execute on all recommendations. Furthermore, we work as a true extension of our clients’ benefit team, helping them meet resource needs and address unexpected workflow challenges.

Time off and leave programs

When it comes to time-off and leave programs, HR professionals are facing a myriad of dazzling requirements and objectives, including federal, state and local legislations, employee demands, desire to attract and retain talent, and much more.

We help our clients develop an efficient approach to time-off and leave programs that address both compliance and employee engagement needs, and we work with their teams to implement the programs that truly make a difference. 


From offering free biometric tests and personalized stress management programs to educating employees about financial wellness, more and more companies acknowledge the importance of employee wellbeing. Yet for many organizations it’s hard to keep up with the wellness vendor market and make these programs succeed. 


Using existing company data and experience, we help clients understand their key employee populations and their key characteristics, and create and execute a holistic wellness program strategy that helps them bring the right vendors on board to deliver this strategy. 

Retirement plans

As employees face greater challenges in managing savings and creating financial health, retirement programs are becoming a more important part of employee total rewards programs.


We help companies understand where employee demand originate and assist them with design, evaluation and implementation of effective retirement plans. With well-designed retirement plans, companies can help employees take greater control of their financial future and gain increased social security.


We bring experience, depth and knowhow to designing programs that stand up to the test of scrutiny.

International benefits

We assist companies with the design, funding and implementation of their international programs, particularly for those entering new markets for the first time. 


Read more about our perspective on managing global benefits here

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