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Laura Muldoon


Laura Muldoon

Compensation, HR Optimization, Job Architecture 

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Laura has extensive experience in consulting with clients across industries with a focus on the implementation of compensation programs, HR operations, and project management. She began her consulting career at Mercer, where she primarily worked with clients to manage broad-based compensation structures and incentive programs. 


With Nua, she has consulted on various issues within compensation and HR operations, including developing job architecture framework and managing the implementation of an HR operating model. Her focus has always been on building strong relationships with clients and providing them with a high level of service and project management. 


Laura earned a bachelor's degree in International Studies and Spanish from the University of Richmond, Virginia, and a master's degree in International Marketing from St. Joseph's University, Philadelphia. She lives in San Anselmo with her husband and two children and enjoys exploring all the outdoor activities the Bay Area has to offer.

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