What challenge is your company facing? 

All business challenges carry a significant impact on your people. Managing the people impact is vital to the success of your overall business strategy.


Developing a total rewards strategy

An effective total rewards strategy links your business strategy to the "how", "what" and"why" your reward your people.  For more, read our article as well as our own story


Addressing volatility and staff demands

We provide onsite expertise as an integrated part of our work with clients to support program implementation and management. 


Expanding globally

Going global? We can help with the design and ongoing

management of appropriate total reward programs.


Managing benefits cost

Most employers are familiar with rapidly rising benefits costs. We work with you to build a sustainable benefits strategy and manage your costs


Vendor selection and implementation

Having an effective vendor strategy including simplification, measuring success and regular unbiased  

reviews leads to better outcomes.  



We provide full M&A services from due diligence through integration and playbook development. 


Creating an effective job architecture

The key to managing labour costs... is having an effective job architecture design and leveling approach


Creating a high performing culture

We can assist you manage the transition in your culture, by acknowledging the changing perspective on performance


Developing and retaining best talent

Our services can help with the retention and development of key  key demographics in your employee population. 


Can we help you solve a problem?

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About Nua Group

Nua Group LLC is a San Francisco-based human resource consulting firm specializing in total rewards and HR effectiveness. We bring objectivity, value and expert advice to clients.  

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