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The ultimate goal for every company is to spend money wisely and optimize the investment for the best business outcome. We help companies succeed by designing and maintaining total rewards programs that are aligned with the unique needs of the business, as well as support the people strategy and business outcomes.


Compensation is an important lever to drive behaviours and business outcomes. We do not simply follow the market practice, but take the time to understand business priorities and talent requirements, and develop salary, incentive and equity-based pay programs that are custom-tailored to an organization’s needs.

Our services include advisory, program design, and program management for: 

  • Broad-based compensation

  • Incentive and equity programs

  • Sales compensation 

Employee benefits

We bring an integrated approach to employee benefits, including core health and welfare benefits, wellbeing, retirement, and wealth creation, as well as the quality of life at work.

Career opportunity

We help organizations create job designs and content, with clear roles and expectations. We build career and job leveling structures that align with the company’s talent strategy


We design and implement total compensation, benefit, equity and other people-related programs for your international workforce.

Talent and organization

We offer strategic advice and embedded support for talent management and HR transformation initiatives, including performance management and job design.

Our services include: 

  • Job architecture and leveling

  • Performance management

  • Organizational design

  • Embedded support

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