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Compensation Advisory


Compensation is an important lever to drive behaviors and business outcomes. We do not simply follow the market practice, but take the time to understand business priorities and talent requirements, and develop salary, incentive and equity-based pay programs that are custom-tailored to an organization’s needs.

Broad-based compensation

We believe pay programs should be explainable and defensible. Understanding the market is a foundational and important piece, but organizations must also consider how their overall approach to rewards supports their people strategy and business outcomes.


We help organizations determine how best to invest and de-invest, considering factors such as business function, level, and employee performance.

Incentive and equity program design

Incentive programs should not be entitlements. Cash and equity incentive programs must align pay for employees with business and shareholder outcomes.


We help organizations select metrics and goals, develop program design details and document the mechanics.

Sales compensation

Driving revenue growth is about more than pay. We first dissect the approach to sales and establish a deep understanding of how you go to market, think about market segmentation as well as channel strategies.


We work with clients on role design (i.e., hunters vs farmers) and develop incentive and commission programs that support needed outcomes.

Executive compensation

Our approach to executive pay is all about alignment and defensibility. Balancing the needs and wants of executives, shareholders, employees, advocacy groups and other stakeholders requires a combination of technical knowledge combined and a broad perspective.


We bring experience, depth and knowhow to designing programs that stand up to the test of scrutiny.

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