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Life at Nua Group: What we love most about our job

Updated: May 9, 2019

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, we asked our team at Nua Group to reflect on what they love most about their job.

Knita Beiles

I love that at Nua everyone gets to have a voice and to be appreciated.  We listen and support each other to do great work. Brainstorming and dissecting client issues to agree on the best solution – the Nua Group solution – is easily one of the most fun work experiences ever.

I also love our flat organizational structure and our definition of success. We don’t have to deal with multiple layers of management to get things done. We don’t fixate on the scope of work, and instead we focus on the project outcome. How refreshing is that for a consulting firm?

Lastly, the most important reason of all has got to be Chris, Elise, Gerry, Inna, Jean, Jen, Joe, Jon, Katherine, Laura, Monica, Ravali, Ryland, Tabya and Virginia! ☺

Tabya Sultan

I love the people and the open-minded work environment. It's motivating to have a team that embraces everyone's ideas and opinions, which creates a workplace in which you aren't afraid to share your way of thinking and can continually grow yourself.

Ryland Bauer

People at Nua are talented and dedicated to their clients, and I consider them friends. I have a ton of respect for the partners, and I believe they are great leaders. I also highly value the central tenant of Nua’s consulting model -

that, as consultants, we focus solely on what is best for our clients over the conventional approach of putting sales and billable hours first.

Laura Muldoon

It's funny to attach the word "love" to work, but there are a lot of things I love about working at Nua Group.

I love that I can help make our clients' lives easier by working to find the right solutions for them, and in turn, that we have a direct impact on their employee's workplace satisfaction.

I love that I have the chance to gain experience across HR areas and interact with a variety of people. And most importantly, I love that I have the opportunity to work with a friendly, talented, fun group of people who genuinely care about doing good work and supporting each other.

Jean Vergara

I love being able to work with smart, enthusiastic colleagues serving a fun list of clients every day. I also value the genuine culture at Nua Group.

Nua Group is genuine with their employees – sincerely caring about our personal and career goals, offering ample opportunity to grow and broaden our skills set.  

Additionally, Nua Group is genuine with their clients – providing the best, independent advice for each situation without having to consider favored vendor relationships or channel partners.

Ravali Kondoju

Even though I’ve been at Nua for just over two months, I really LOVE the team I work with. The partners are very supportive and created a team culture where I feel comfortable sharing my ideas and ask questions.

There is also vast knowledge and expertise each individual brings to the table that everyone can learn from. And, of course, I love Joe’s cocktail hour and Knita’s baked goodies.

Gerry Murphy

Here are the top three things I love about my work at Nua Group: it gives me an opportunity to reconnect with my network and expand it; at Nua, we do meaningful work that makes a difference for our clients and their employees; and last but not least, I have a better sleep: both because of the reasons mentioned above and a much greater work-life balance.  

Monica Yip

I love working at Nua because of the amazing colleagues and clients I get to work with! I initially joined Nua Group to broaden my experience into total rewards since my background prior to joining was solely in benefits. I definitely feel like that I have found rewarding mentorship from the team we have here.

It has been fun to step outside of my comfort zone and work on projects that can be completely different from another, depending on what problem we're trying to solve. We have an open culture here and are constantly trying to push ourselves to think outside the box, which has been exciting and challenging. Another awesome perk about working here are Knita's weekly homemade treats! :)

Today, as a team, we are grateful to have each other and we are grateful for our clients who give us an opportunity to transform the way they work. 🧡 What do you love most about your job?

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