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What we do

We help build great companies and improve business outcomes. We design and implement total rewards programs that deliver impactful results and motivate employees to be their best selves.


Total rewards

Nua Group has deep expertise in all aspects of total rewards and the employee value proposition, including compensation, health and wellness, retirement, and career opportunities. 


We design compensation, incentive, and equity programs that align with company values and build the necessary infrastructure, including vendor management, to ensure effective ongoing management.



We bring an integrated approach to total wellbeing, including core health and welfare benefits, wellness, retirement, and wealth creation, as well as quality of life at work.



We help organizations create job designs and content, with clear roles and expectations. We build career and job leveling structures that align with the company’s talent strategy



We design and implement total compensation, benefit, equity and other people-related programs for your international workforce.


Employee benefits

We help our clients develop and manage a sustainable employee benefits strategy that meets their organization’s needs and creates an engaging and positive employee experience.

Planned staff augmentation

We form an integrated part of your rewards and HR teams, managing programs and/or events where workflow varies throughout the year, such as during the compensation focal, open enrollment, and M&A.


Functional leadership

For organizations struggling with short- or longer-term leadership gaps in rewards, we build, manage and execute the strategy that keeps your rewards group functioning.


Business growth strategy

We provide  strategic advice, product development support and go-to-market planning to emerging companies that focus on employee health and wellness and equity compensation vehicles.

Go to market strategy

We assist with channel review and development, conduct competitive analysis and market segmentation, and develop sales strategies.


Product development

We review product development against both competitor and substitute solutions, and we conduct customer research and focus group studies to ensure success.


Can we help you solve a problem?

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