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Are you having to do more with fewer resources in 2024?

do more with fewer resources in 2024 in HR

2024 is shaping up to be a year of hiring slow-down or even freeze for many companies as we continue to watch the health of the economy. For HR, this means not only helping your organization manage people-related costs but doing so while managing your own costs. How do you do more with less in HR?

1. Be crystal clear about your objectives for the year and don't over-commit. 

So often HR organizations try to address multiple changes at the same time- whether that's new compensation, new talent development, changes in hiring needs, systems, etc. Pick just a few game-changers.

2. Manage expectations with the business and employees about what you will (and will not) be able to address this year. 

Part of this is making sure your people strategy ties directly to the business strategy and communicating clearly.  If business priorities change, then HR priorities need to change and some initiatives may need to be delayed until next year.

3. Make sure the projects you pursue engage your team holistically from the start. 

So much time is wasted when one part of the team is off and running without bringing others along on the journey and then a project stalls when people are brought in late in the game.

4. Invest the time in making sure roles & responsibilities are clear within the HR organization. 

The amount of time and effort that can be wasted by people trying to figure out who is ultimately responsible for something and how to engage with cross-functional activities is an efficiency killer.

5. Your mindset when rolling out any HR policy, program, or process in the future should be focused on the ability of your employees to self-serve. 

If employee self-help is not a strength, now is the time for enterprise investment in the technology, process, and culture change needed so that you can ultimately achieve greater efficiency.

If you're feeling the pressure to deliver more with less and need a strategic partner to guide you through these challenging times, don't hesitate. Reach out to us and let's discuss how we can support your HR initiatives, streamline your processes, and empower your team for maximum efficiency.

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