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Case Study: How Nua Group's Job Architecture Solution Helped a High-growth Software Company Scale

nua group job architecture case study

Imagine a technology company backed by venture capital, navigating the path to scale and a successful IPO. Amid rapid growth, acquisitions, and continuous hiring, they face the challenge of retaining and rewarding their talent effectively. Often, these endeavors result in escalated costs and a disengaged workforce.

This scenario is a common one, seen in many technology companies that are poised for future success. In the dynamic landscape of modern business, achieving sustainable growth requires more than just innovative products and cutting-edge technology. It hinges on having a well-structured and aligned workforce that's ready to take on challenges and contribute to success.


A well-known VC-backed technology company with over 2,000 employees, catering to the needs of small and midsize enterprises asked Nua Group to help them address the needs of their fast-paced growth and develop a consistent framework to support compensation decisions, suitable for a high-growth company. Addressing the client’s need, we delivered a comprehensive job architecture project that brought clarity, fairness, and empowerment to the client's workforce.

The objective

The client had two major objectives: establish a robust compensation foundation that accurately aligned jobs and employees with appropriate levels and design compensation programs that not only reflected market realities but also supported growth and fairness. Nua Group's mission was to provide a roadmap to success by meeting these key objectives.

The challenge

The client was already benchmarking cash and equity compensation using market surveys. However, ensuring pay equity and administering roles consistently became increasingly complex as the company scaled. Customized job-specific approaches, while effective, were no longer efficient for a rapidly growing organization.

Solution and Strategy:

Our approach was holistic and tailored to our client's unique needs:

  • Comprehensive Review: We undertook a meticulous assessment of current job levels, survey matches, and compensation practices.

  • Guiding the Way: We designed well-defined job levels, criteria for advancement, and a comprehensive career development framework.

  • Strategic Alignment: Collaborative discussions with stakeholders ensured proper alignment of employees with suitable job levels and survey matches.

  • Structured Compensation: Using data-driven insights, we established new salary ranges, bonus targets, and RSU grant guidelines in alignment with the client's compensation philosophy.


Through the implementation of the Job Architecture and Job Leveling strategy we crafted for the client, the company observed the following outcomes:

  • Clarity and Consistency: The enhanced job leveling guide provided a clear trajectory for career progression, reducing ambiguity and boosting morale.

  • Elevated Employee Satisfaction: The well-defined career paths and growth opportunities elevated employee satisfaction, leading to improved retention.

  • Equitable Compensation: The data-backed compensation structure eradicated pay disparities, ensuring fairness and transparency.

  • Empowered Workforce: With a more engaged and motivated workforce, the client's organizational performance saw a noticeable improvement.

The collaboration between Nua Group and our client exemplifies how strategic job architecture can act as a cornerstone for organizational success, fostering a more cohesive and empowered workforce.

If you're seeking similar transformations for your company's growth journey, we are here to guide you every step of the way.

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