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Nua Group: Home Alone Edition

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

As the Nua team continues sheltering in place in California, we are sharing the highlights of what helps us unwind once the work is done for the day.

I've been trying to keep my life fairly balanced and keep some sort of regular routine while working from home and sheltering in place. I continue exercising (thanks to many classes moving online), cooking, reading books and watching new shows. Oh, and I've learned what TikTok is all about! Here are my top Shelter in Place activities:

  • TV shows: Money Heist, Tiger King and All American

  • Books: The Black Swan by Nassim Nicholas Taleb

  • Workouts: Rumble and CorePower yoga

  • Learning new skills: I've learned what TikTok is!

  • Board Games: Catan, Monopoly, and Taboo

  • Favorite restaurants for delivery: Italian Homemade Company and Lers Ros Thai

  • Favorite cooked meals: Shrimp Creole and Pad Thai

Bike Ride Photo, or it didn't happen

I've been cycling more than usual, getting at least 3 rides a week in. My goal is to get to 100 miles a week: so far I've had time for riding 60-70 miles.

My other goal is trying not to gain the 'quarantine 20'. :)

The question is: why did turkey cross the road?

My hobbies during Shelter in Place include trying new wines, climbing the evil hill near my house, assembling puzzles, organizing a bottomless pile of travel pics, watching our neighborhood turkey take over the streets (he especially likes to yell at garbage trucks), and spending endless time on zoom.  I added yoga to the mix recently, but only because the evil hill is no longer inspirational...

Home-made meals, board games, running outdoors and of course The Office are the essentials of the time I spend sheltering in place.

Catan game in progress
  • TV shows: The Office

  • Books: Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss

  • Workouts: Nike Training Club + Nike Running Club apps (they're free!)

  • New Skills: Learning how to enjoy running outdoors

  • Board Games: Catan and Monopoly Deal

  • Favorite restaurants for delivery: Osha Thai and Purple Rice

  • Favorite cooked meals: Hawaiian breakfast (spam, eggs, rice)

Gerry Murphy

Mt Davidson after a recent hike

I’ve managed to keep a reasonably structured day since starting SIP.  Most days I’m done by 6 and I can get a workout in. The big schedule change is being able to get a midday bike ride in at least a few times a week - that’s been a blessing. The usual zoom happy hours and facetime calls have been great to catch up with family and friends around the globe.  And lastly, but most importantly, I’ve been lucky to have family around and that keeps me entertained and busy too!

  • TV shows:Jack Irish, Da 5 Bloods, Sunderland till I die, Bosch, Bodyguard

  • Books: The Spy and the Traitor

  • Workouts: Bike rides and “almost” daily online classes 

  • New Skills: Haircuts! 

  • Board Games: Do Nua quizzes count? :)

  • Favorite restaurants for delivery: Roti, Bullshead, New Tsing Tao

  • Favorite cooked meals: Pizza, sashimi (cooked?), lasagna!

Evan and his son Austin

I'm a father to a 3-year-old Austin so working from home and sheltering in place for me includes quite a few toddler-focused activities. In the picture on the right you can see some honey we helped my (soon to be) father-in-law who is an amature beekeeper bottle from his hives. Some other activities I enjoy during the Shelter in Place include:

  • TV shows: Tiger King, Supernatural, Community

  • Books:There There by Tommy Orange

  • Workouts: Morning runs

  • New Skills: Does fishing with a toddler play fishing set count?

  • Board Games: Candyland, Connect 4… any board games that a 3 year old can play

  • Favorite restaurants for delivery: Arthur Mac’s Tap and Snack, Koja Kitchen

  • Favorite cooked meals: Homemade pizza, different variations of pasta, brownie

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